At the heart of the Working Status Right to Work solution is technology

Improving and optimising your Right to Work compliance starts with managing your checks correctly. With Working Status’ proprietary Right to Work software, you have access to a fully-integrated process control that reduces administration and lowers operational costs of immigration compliance.


Driven by core business logic, and combining automated document screening with robust validation checks, our software capability can empower you to ensure compliance with the latest immigration regulations impacting your onboarding processes.

Operating at the cutting-edge of compliance technology, our solution can be used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your compliance processes and help your HR and recruitment teams focus on strategic business priorities.


Automated document checking

The Working Status automated document checking enables organisations to check, authenticate and retain their employees’ identity documentation in line with the very latest immigration regulations which impact your onboarding processes.


Checks more document types than our competitors

Other systems are limited to checking passports only. Using image capturing from our robust scanning technology Working Status authenticates and extracts data from numerous document sources including passports, visas, driving licenses, utility bills and work permits.

Reduced costs with secure cloud storage

All records and checks are automatically stored in our Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This provides a highly secure and safe central repository system which relieves organisations of the costly and time consuming storage and management processes demanded by Right to Work legislation.

Simple management & reporting

Working Status has a comprehensive reporting facility which records and provides audit trail, proving the organisation has fulfilled its obligations to UK Visas and Immigration. This information is instantly accessible to authorised users from any Internet-enabled PC or laptop.


Constant updates with Right to Work legislation

Working Status is designed to ensure compliance with the full breadth of immigration legislation, including the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999, Prevention of Illegal Working and the two most recent legislative changes introduced by the UKVI in 2014.

2014 Prevention of Illegal Working updates

Organisations are required by the Prevention of Illegal Working legislation to categorise all employees into List A & List B. Working Status captures and categorises this information automatically once a document is scanned.

Denied Persons List checking

All companies in the UK are obliged to conduct a Denied Persons check if they operate airside or have bonded warehouses. Working Status automatically cross references the US Consolidated Screening List as part of document checking and flags to the organisation the need for additional due diligence.

Provides organisations with ‘statutory excuse’

Working Status provides organisations with a statutory excuse by checking, copying and retaining original documention before an individual starts in employment and retaining the correct documentation throughout the period of employment and for two years after termination.

 What makes us different?


Robust document checking including birth certificates and national insurance to authenticate and retain identity documentation.


Documentation capture of Status Documents of people whose passports are being held whilst their visa applications are being considered by UKVI.


Configured migration of selected data into existing HR systems, removing illegible documentation and errors and providing electronic footprint


2014 Prevention of Illegal Working updates including List A & List B employee catogories and List B Group 1 and 2 management.


Adaptable reporting function generating tailored reports against bespoke criteria and data sets.


Comprehensive record and audit trail through central data repository.


Captures all document scans, expiry dates, visa categories and identity of personnel performing checks.


Accessible on multiple devices, with dedicated mobile app to operate software on the move


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