A Working Status Right to Work audit will assess the effectiveness of your compliance processes

Robust and effective systems are essential for you to gain best value from your HR function. A Working Status Right to Work audit can save your organisation time and money, and guarantee that your employment or application screening will be Home Office compliant.

The Home Office regime for the Prevention of Illegal Working applies to all UK employers and includes a civil penalty scheme, criminal penalties and restrictions on sponsoring non-EEA nationals to work in the UK.

The Home Office is becoming stricter in terms of issuing penalties, suspension and revocation of sponsor licences. It is essential for UK businesses to ensure they have the required evidence of employees’ right to work on file, and that their HR systems and processes are compliant.

Everyday competing interests between overstretched HR functions trying to ensure effective prevention of illegal working practices, and managers who need staff immediately, put pressure on internal systems and practices.

Reviewing your business’s methods of conducting Prevention of Illegal Working checks now can help you to avoid costly penalties in the future. Our professional audit service will assess the effectiveness and value of your processes, and provide recommendations to improve efficiencies for your organisation.

 Why do we need a Working Status Right to Work audit?

The Home Office changes the requirements relating to Prevention of Illegal Working frequently. We find that even organisations with highly sophisticated systems make mistakes and are at risk of penalty or jeopardise their ability to sponsor non-EEA nationals to work in the UK.

We believe that a Right to Work and Prevention of Illegal Working compliance audit is essential if you do not currently have Prevention of illegal Working systems in place or you have not reviewed your Prevention of Illegal Working systems or processes in some time or you have concerns about their sufficiency.

 How a Working Status Right to Work Audit will help.


We attend your premises to check the right to work documentation of your employees. From reviewing all or a sample of your employees’ files to software and documentation review evidence is collated to ascertain current status of your internal HR processes and systems.


Detailed analysis of findings from exploration stage. Applying formal methodology and criteria, existing systems and applications are evaluated based on efficiency, risk, validity, reliability, security and output at every stage of activity.


Recommendations and action plans are proposed to enhance and improve your internal operations and ensure compliance with Home Office requirements. Our proposals identify major risk, resource and service development implications for your organisation, as well as barriers to change, each aligned to organisational objectives.


Based on agreed criteria of prioritisation, recommendations are implemented via a formal action plan, aimed at balancing the need to mitigate specific risks with strategic interests and concerns within set resource constraints


Systems, structures and specific mechanisms are introduced to ensure audit recommendations are followed through and continually monitored. Measures are put in place to gauge and sustain improvement, provide assurance on quality of processes and achieve operational best practice.


As part of a cyclical process, expert support and maintenance assistance ensures continued process effectiveness, and assurance that systems are operating in accordance with accepted standards


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